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Software & Platforms

What we think is driving explosive platform growth

Powering the platform future

Accenture examines the critical areas of the next generation of platform growth in a series of thought leadership.

Solutions & capabilities

Grow SMB

Enabling success, no matter what it looks like. Because when your SMB customers and partners prosper, we all do.

Social Commerce

Building a more human marketplace that creates tremendous value for businesses, consumers, creators, and curators.

Virtual experiences

Shaping new virtual-first experiences that drive breakthrough business growth.

Platform strategy

Setting a vision, evolving your products and igniting growth to support your strategic priorities.

Platform engineering

Building the products, data services and infrastructure to power your platform.

Platform adoption

Delivering experiences that attract, retain and meet the changing needs of your customers.

Platform integrity

Ensuring the trust, security and global compliance required across the complex platform landscape.

Case studies

Our leaders

Kevan Yalowitz

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Global Lead

Scott Bowden

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, North America Lead

Carlos Horn

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Growth Markets

Chris Mather

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Europe

Louise Barrere

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence, Solutions.AI for B2B Growth Lead

Stephanie Gorski

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Software & Platforms

Lan Guan

Chief AI Officer

Nikki Mendonça

Managing Director – Accenture Song, Software & Platforms, Global